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Have a hard time remembering people's names? One of the best ways to win friends and influence people is by knowing thier name. KnowNames helps with just that! It uses your local contacts and three interactive game modes to help you learn people's names. Also upgrade to KnowNames Premium to store contacts online, compete with co-workers and so much more!

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Gift cards are a great gift, but sometimes you know you're never going to use it. So why not let someone else buy it? Dashcash lets you sell your giftcards to others for cash. It's three easy steps, upload your download the app, giftcard information, and cash out! Sometimes rewards points go unused. Dashcash lets you sell those rewards points as well. It also allows you to buy and sell airplane miles.

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My Clicker

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Some universities make you buy expensive devices to encourage participation. You pay for your grade, in addition to your tuition. My Clicker solves that problem, and My Clicker is free. My Clicker also stores all of your class information, so to get those points, all you have to do is go to your class and open the app. Also My Clicker comes with a built in TA messenger which lets you get your questions answered even faster.

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